Re-Claim Your Weekends with Automen’s Doorstep Car Service

-Haseeb Khan,
Resident of Nizamuddin
6 April 2017

I had been getting my car serviced from the authorized dealership for the last 7 years and it always seemed like a daunting task. The service station not only took an entire day to service my car, but also often pointed out 10 other faults which I couldn’t verify but only trusted their word for it. I hated taking my car to the service station on a Sunday, the one day I wanted to just relax and have a good time with my family and friends. But it seemed to be an inevitable choice and something that had to be done.


Then recently, I came across this company called Automen who claimed to service your car at your doorstep in 90 minutes. At first it seemed like a pick and drop car service that usually all service stations provide at a nominal price, but after doing some research I found out that they actually bring a service van and do the service at your doorstep. The customer reviews on their Facebook page seemed really positive and genuine so I gave it a shot and booked a service for my Honda City.


After an initial chat with their team who walked me through the entire service process and also gave me an estimated service cost, we fixed up a date and time for the service of my City. The next morning a four-member service team arrived at my doorstep and started off with the inspection of my car. The service van and the team seemed really professional as they conducted the full inspection in front of my eyes and pointed out areas that needed extra attention, like the brake pads that were worn off and needed replacement. The service team actually showed me the old and new brake pads before replacing them. After the inspection, two members of the team started with changing the oils and filters while the other two did the interior cleaning of the car. The team used genuine Honda filters and Mobil1 Engine Oil. The old oil that came out of the engine was collected by the team in a container and sent out for recycling. It took them 30 minutes to change the oil and all the engine filters.


The one major discovery I made while they were replacing the filters was the cabin filter also known as the Dust and Pollen Filter. The service team informed me about the cabin filter and its use and to my surprise, the filter had not been changed in over 3 years by the authorized dealership. The condition of the filter was really bad and I could not believe I was breathing the air coming through that choked filter for years. After the filters and oils were replaced, the crew began the coolest part of the service, i.e. the Steam Cleaning! It was fascinating to watch my car get washed with High-pressure steam. The 45-minute process left my car shining like a brand new car without the use of any soaps or chemicals. What was amazing was that, there was no water wastage or puddles of water collected outside my home.


The total service cost was at par with what the authorized service center was charging me, but given the convenience of a doorstep service and not being car-less for the entire day, I feel that it was a bargain.,/span>


Having witnessed the entire service process at my doorstep and learning a few things about my car, I would really recommend Automen for being transparent and convenient.

What to Do When Your Car Engine Overheats?

An overheated engine can not only disrupt a pleasant road trip but also lead to repair costs worth thousands of rupees if not rectified. Getting stranded in the middle of a highway with an overheated engine is not the kind of travel experience one wants. There are various reasons due to which an engine might overheat but fortunately there are also several hacks and preventive measures that could save you from a horrible road-trip experience. So, in order to save you from this situation, here are some tips that you can follow.


1. Carry an additional water bottle:

The most common reason for an engine to overheat is due to low level of coolant. Coolant circulates through the engine and keeps it cool; therefore, always keep a close check on the level of coolant and its condition.

In case you have missed to top up your coolant and you face engine overheating problem, then water can help in lowering down the temperature to a significant extent. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an additional bottle of water apart from drinking during those long road-trips.

P.S: Remember to let the engine cool down before pouring-in the water.

2. While driving, keep a close check on the temperature gauge. If you find that the needle is pointing towards extreme temperature then immediately take a halt. Switch off the AC, and then turn off the engine. After few minutes start your car again and if you find that the needle is still pointing towards the extreme side then you should not continue driving and must call for roadside assistance.

3. You can also turn on your heater at full blast and this might help you in covering a few kilometers to the nearest mechanic. Though the journey may not be very pleasant but, the reverse air-flow towards the engine might help cooling it down to a significant level.

4. If you see smoke coming out of the engine then, it is advised that you call for assistance and do not drive your car as it might cause severe damage to the engine. Park your car in a shaded place off the highway and open the hood of your car after it has cooled down. Generally speaking, an engine might take 20-30 minutes to reach a normal temperature.

5. Check the coolant reservoir, there might be a leak due to which your coolant level is lower than normal. Again in this situation, call a mechanic to repair the coolant reservoir/ hoses and do not continue driving with no coolant.

Finally to avoid engine overheating, one must replace the coolant at recommended intervals to prevent mechanical breakdowns. Check the level of coolant and top-up if needed.

Do-It-Yourself: Never remove the radiator cap until the engine has thoroughly cooled!Also, make sure that you don’t pour cold water into the radiator as it can lead the engine block to crack due to a sudden change of temperature.