Tube vs. Tubeless vs. Run Flat: What Tires Should You Drive On?


The wheels on our cars can’t support the weight of the car on their own. Rubbing metal on tarmac isn’t ideal. What pops into your mind when we speak of wheels? Metal and rubber! That rubber is the tire of the car! Tires go a long way since the invention of metal wheels. Let’s see what different types of tires do you get in the market.


The secondary motive of tire is to lift the weight of the vehicle and this is achieved by the air pressure, So, basically air is the main hero here! Rubber just provides the surface area on which the vehicle can run.

Theory goes like this…
Fill the tire with air and seal that air inside so that it will cover the empty space of the tire. Now the weight of the vehicle tries to compress the air in downwards direction, which leads in creation of air pressure that exerts equal amount of push in the opposite direction to the vehicle and hence supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Tires Failure…
If you own a bicycle then you must have had puncture, the technician fixes it and you look the whole process, at least I did! All he did is checked the tire for any air leakage (which generally occurs due to iron nails on the road) patched it so that air can’t leak anymore.

Moving on, presently there are three types of tire running on the roads:

Tube Tires

Tube TiresThese are the most basic and entry level tires and contains an inner tube and an external covering of rubber for that tube. Idea behind this is to fill the inner tube with air and seal that air inside. This creates an air pressure inside of that tube and thus lifting the weight of the vehicle.

In case of puncture, the inner tube leaks the air just like a bursting balloon does, which is not good at all and the vehicle can lose stability and one can face the danger.

Tubeless Tires

Guess what! They don’t have any inner tube, the rubber covering itself acts as a tube. Fill the rubber covering with air and lock the passage, so that air doesn’t escape.

Advantage over Tube Tires? Yes, these are the following, especially in case of puncture:

  • Easy to fix.
  • Air leak doesn’t happen quickly as in Tube tires, so you get some extra time to take the car at service center.
  • More stable then Tube tires.

Due to these advantages and being lighter in weight, they replaced Tube tires in four wheelers as standard.

Run Flat

run flatThese are smart tubeless tires, they have an extra weapon to deal situations like puncture. These types of tires contain an extra layer of rubber compound, Bridgestone calls it nanopro-tech, which supports the vehicle when the tire goes flat after puncture, hence the name Run flat, makes sense?

This supportive material covers the inner curved boundary and when the air escapes that material lifts the weight.

For running demo visit:

Bye-bye tire replacement?
No, it will not run till infinite kms, there’s a limit which depends on the manufacture, you can easily find this information in your tire manual, if you have run flat tires. For Bridgestone its 70 – 80 km with speed up to 75 km/h.

Why don’t we replace our tubeless tires with Run Flats?
Umm, Yes, you can if your car is equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), because Run flats work reliably with these technologies.

How TPMS helps?
Suppose your Run flat tire meets an iron nail on the road and immediately falls in love! I mean puncture happens, now your tire is not going to mail you that it has leaked all his air just for an iron nail on the road and you won’t know either as you will continue to have a smooth drive (Thanks to Run flat tires).

It’s the TMPS senor on your dashboard which will indicate that the air pressure in one of your tires is declined, a possible case of puncture.

The fact that I didn’t mentioned anywhere that what is a tire, how it looks like! tells us that everyone knows this already and is indeed one of the most important part in a car and now you know the basic difference among these as well.

Repeat after me– I will regularly check air pressure of tires in my car and will save cost on fuel while enjoying the drive.

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Happy Vrooming…