Supercar vs Hypercar – What’s the Difference?

Super Car Hyper Car

Supercars you want and Hypercars you wish, that being said, now you are separated from crowd and while reading this article you will find out the difference between Supercars and Hypercars, you will later see, why I said not in a crowd anymore, because when you talk about Hypercars then you must know that they are the real deal!
If Supercars exist, then why Hypercars are out there? Or should you be asking what are Hypercars?
Let’s first understand the term Supercars and what it takes to become a one?


A car becomes a Supercar when it has superpowers? No, this super attached to cars is a lit bit different and talks more about● Hp (horsepower)
● Design
● Performance
● Price tag
● An eye-catching speed.

Usually a Supercar has more than 500 Bhp (a measure of how much fast and quick your car can be), comparing to the normal driving cars. Take in instance that the Maruti Suzuki Swift has approx. 83 bhp and it needs almost 450 bhp more to be nominated in a Supercar family.

In India, cars like Audi R8 with whopping starting price from 2.72 crore, provides 602 Bhp at 8250 rpm in automatic transmission, is considered a Supercar. Others, including Lamborghini Huracan, starts at a price point of almost 3 crores, throws 640 Bhp at 8000 rpm.

So, you see, the power Supercars deliver are just like a fantasy, when you sit inside and drive that beast, you feel the same level of adrenaline in your body and that feeling, my friend, set you apart from the crowd!
Wait a second, this means Supercars are at the top in the race and to beat them you need a Hypercar? Yes, well I said it! To take down a Supercar you need a Hypercar, what this means is that a car can go so fast that it can shatter the window glasses on the streets.


If I called Supercars a beast then Hypercars are the lucifer (Devil himself). The starting Bhp is from 1000 – 1200, this can pop out eyes from faces. Here just look at the speed of the world’s fastest car:

Hyper car● Koenigsegg Agera RS – Top speed of almost 460 Kmph (457.94 Km/h), with 1341 Bhp.
This means you can do up down from Delhi to Agra in almost 1 hour, that’s perfect for a daily compute, but then you wish you had a Hypercar and empty streets.

Here’s a list of Hypercars in India you can check out:

● Vazirani Shul
● Koenigsegg Agera
● Ferrari Laferrari
Porsche Carrera GT

Here I would like to grab your attention a little more on Vazirani Shul, India’s first Hypercar. This is not a hype or a dream anymore, we do not have to expect Europe or Germany to make Hypercars, India had made their own. Check out this blog post from Autocar India to read more about Vazirani Shul.


The top performing Supercars are Hypercars, there is no key difference, just a Supercar on steroids. This is the main reason for less population of Hypercars, because not every manufacturer can make them, as they require too much of everything.

Automen pick!

Hypercar, short and simple, Hypercar is the winner here. If we are talking about mind blowing speed and performance, then there is no question of choosing one or the other. Afterall, Hypercars are nothing but Super-Supercars.

We have served many Supercars, but we also wish to serve a Hypercar and this also motivated us to write this article, so that you know what a Hypercar is, and buy one and we will finally get the chance to lay hands on it.

Before I say Happy Vrooming!!

Let’s talk about Mileage, “Kitna deti hai”, because at the end, we all are Indians. So, here some information on i

Car Name Mileage (on highway)
Audi R8 Upto 10 Kmpl
Lamborghini Huracan Upto 10-11 Kmpl
Koenigsegg Agera RS Upto 5-6 Kmpl
Ultima GTR Upto 8-9 Kmpl