Scheduled Car Maintenance And Its Advantages

Car Service

You love your car and she loves you all the way back, life is not harsh anymore looking outside from her driver’s window pane, to the outer world and enjoying overtaking others, you were in heaven. Suddenly, you heard a cracking noise and now you are waiting beside the highway for a car mechanic to fix her.

After examining he said, “She needs your attention!”.

Why you need regular servicing of your car?

Back in days, you fall for her, loved here and this was not merely the love at first sight, you knew every detail about her, before proposing at the showroom. As time lapsed you started to ignore her, but your car needs your attention, that’s why experts all over the globe talk about regular servicing of our beloved car.

Owning a car and maintaining it is the real deal here, as with any other property, your car needs proper maintenance too, so that it runs without any faults. This also provides piece of mind for you by ensuring the proper functioning and no last moment bad news.

Cutting the chase, let’s see the advantages for regular car service:


You ensure safety for you, your families and others traveling on the same road, which is much appreciated.

By servicing regularly, you save money:

You heard that right! By spending on regular checkups, you save big amounts for possible future failure.

Increases engine’s working life:

It keeps the engine to run smooth and quiet. This does not require additional explanation further.

Increasing resale value:

If you are planning to hand it over to someone else in the future, then you must get your car service at regular interval of time. As this guarantee overall performance to remain same as new and you would not feel any downsides in your driving either.

Basic checks in service

Listen to her heart:

Check for engine oil changes, as oil is required by the engine (the heart of your car). Oil lubricates the parts of an engine, which includes various chambers where fuel gets burnt, and it also prevents the engine from overheating. Also, old oil catches dust and metal scraps which is not good at all and can damage your car’s engine.

Keep her away from dust :

Check for air filter, air filter is responsible to keep away dust and other particles from entering the engine.

Keeping her fit:

Check for suspensions, wheel balancing and tyres, as they make up a smooth ride for you. These basic checks ensure that you do not feel any humpy dumpy rides (You know how Indian roads are!).

See any visual signs for sickness:                                                                                                                                                                                                    

If you see any red-light sign glowing on your dashboard, do not overlook that! I repeat do not ignore. This is your car’s brain telling you that there is something wrong with your car and you need to visit a doctor, now.

These signs can be proved dangerous later, if you ignored them, these signs are there for some reason, so when they do riots, proper car servicing helps to calm them down.

Service providers

Now you know how important a car service is, but paying attention to the car service providers, is crucial too. Clapping does require two hands, and like that your car also needs same enthusiasm from your car service provider as you have, then everything will work fine for you and your car.

“Get your car serviced at your doorstep”

We at Automen do really understand the relationship between an owner and his car. Like you, we also love cars and have an expert team working, with each member possesses a crush on these mechanical machines.

BMW ServiceBut we are not saying that Automen is the only hope you have! We are saying why send your beloved car to a service station, when a service station can visit you in no time!
We do not want you both to get separated, not for a single moment, that’s why we brought service station at your doorstep.

First, see the pros of servicing your car at your doorstep.

Your car, Your time, Your place.

  • You do not need to visit to any service station and thus it saves your precious time.
  • No need to worry about any parts, we take care of it.
  • You get a detailed analysis for your car, before any servicing starts, so that you don’t get any surprises, later.
  • Get genuine parts for your car, with reasonable rates.
  • You can see your car servicing at your home, in front of your eyes.
  • Get 30 days or 1000 km warranty of your car service, with us (drum rolls).
  • Last but not the least, enjoy your weekends, that’s why they came.

Indian, German or American from wherever your love belongs, we got you covered. Speak to our experienced team: 8010696969, which works like a charm, and see changing your relationship status, with your car, from complicated to in-love, once more.

We deliver the attention, she deserves!

Happy vrooming..!!