Red, Green or Blue Which Color Does Your Car Take?

What is coolant ? – Coolant is a vital fluid that is used in every car to regulate its temperature. It is generally a 50-50 mixture of ethylene glycol and water. The glycol is the antifreeze of the mixture that keeps fluid from turning into ice under extreme winter conditions. It also prevents the coolant from boiling in extreme heat avoiding any chances of mechanical failure.

A car engine generates a lot of heat when it runs continuously. It is the coolant’s job to carry this heat away from the engine and to the radiator and once the it cools down it repeats the same process.

So, if you see the coolant Warning Light on your dashboard or the car temperature gauge is tilted towards ‘H’, then it means your car is overheating or there is not enough coolant left in the coolant reservoir.


#AutomenProtip:   Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is still hot.

Why does coolant comes in different colors?

Traditionally the coolant used to be in red, blue and green colors which made it easy to identify the chemicals used in them. But nowadays, manufacturers are using artificial colors to give their product a different look. In addition to the colors, there are several additives being used to make them more efficient in battling the rust and corrosive elements inside the engine.

What are the types of coolant?

Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT)
1. Contains silicates & phosphates

2. Can last upto 50,000 kms

1. Contains 2-EHA, sebacate & other organic acids

2. Can last upto 1,50,000 kms

1. Contains organics acids, silicates but not 2-EHA

2. Can last upto 1,50,000 kms

Just like cars engine have evolved and become more fuel efficient, powerful and sophisticated, coolant technology has also evolved to suit the newer and advanced engine needs. And as a result, manufacturers are making universal coolant that can be used with all vehicle types.

#AutomenProtip: If your car overheats, park your car in a shaded area and let the engine cool down for about 30 minutes.

Benefits of Coolant

  1. Protection against rust and corrosion
  2. Effective transfer of heat from engine to radiator where the heat is dissipated
  3. Lubrication of water pump
  4. Protection from freezing in extreme winter conditions

So, it is evident that the coolant is one of the most essential part of your car’s cooling system and needs to be periodically checked and refilled.

Is your Coolant Indicator light on? Or are you unsure about which coolant is suitable for your car? Call Automen on 8010696969 and get expert advice.

#AutomenProtip:   If the coolant of your car leaks or is below the minimum level, you can add regular drinking water and drive it to the nearest service station to avoid overheating.