How to maintain the shine of your new alloy wheels..?

Alloy wheels are a vital part of the car’s appearance. They single-handedly transform the appearance of new as well as old cars. The Indian market has clearly started to notice the importance of alloys on the aesthetics of the vehicle. This is the reason that more and more customers are now willing to shell out a few extra bucks in order to get the top-end model that is equipped with shiny new alloy wheels.

Well, alloys are probably the most dust, muck, and mud prone parts of a car, thanks to their proximity to the ground.

So here is a step-by-step guide for cleaning and maintaining your alloy wheels in their pristine condition.






Step 1: Rinse the alloys thoroughly

This is the most obvious step in the alloy wheel cleaning process. Chances are that every time you decide to clean your wheels, they would be full of mud and muck. If you simply start using a cloth to remove these dust particles, they can get stuck between the cloth and the alloy wheel surface, thus scratching your expensive rims. And we don’t really want our beloved alloys to be scratched, do we?

The best way to eliminate all undesired particles from the alloy is to rinse them thoroughly. Use a continuous stream of water with a movable hose, and point the water to all possible areas around the alloy. Make sure that the water pressure isn’t high, as it can cause some significant damage to the brake pads that are placed right behind the hub.




Step 2: Dry them off!

Even after you have rinsed the alloys thoroughly, there might be some very minute dust particles stuck onto the surface. So, before we proceed further, it is recommended that you dry the alloys so that all dust particles are eradicated. In order to do so, take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of the alloy wheels clean.


Step 3: Time for a cleansing session

Cleaning is the obvious next step. In order to cleanse your alloys, you should buy a dedicated alloy cleanser. Spray small amounts of the cleansing solution on each rim, one at a time, and rub it off using a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure that every part of the wheel gets a coat of the cleanser.

Wait for 5 minutes and rinse it off again. Follow the earlier drying process as well.


Step 4: Focus on the Tyres

Remember we asked you to wait for 5 minutes in the previous step? How do you plan to use these crucial minutes? While waiting for the cleanser to do its work, you can focus on the tyres. Spunky and shiny alloys wrapped in dirty tyres won’t be a sight to behold. So utilize the time in cleaning the tyres. You can find a good Tyre Polish at most aftermarket accessory shops.


Step 5: Take a look at the car, and fall in love again! 😉

Done with all the steps? Now take a couple of steps back from your car and look how clean alloys have transformed the look of your car. Who says people can’t fall in love twice?