How to Maintain Dark Colored Cars

A car is a mirror about the owner’s persona! And there are just no debates or mixed opinions about the fact that a dark colored car is everyone’s fantasy. Ask any person who is about to buy his/her first car, and their favorite color would be a darker shade of brown, blue, or our personal favorite – Jet Black. Be it a hatchback, sedan, or an SUV, there is no replacement for a darker shade.

But have you ever wondered, why do we see more white and silver colored cars on our roads, even when everyone loves dark colors? Well, people are demotivated by the atrocious amount of efforts needed to maintain dark colored cars. It’s a fact that darker color shows wear and tear a lot more prominently than its lighter shade counterpart.

So, here are a few tips that will help you in taking care of your dark colored car in a much efficient manner.

The Initial Treatment

Every car’s paint tends to become dull over time. This dullness is caused by multiple reasons, including exposure to sunlight, acid rain, dirt, and pollution. Hence, owners of new cars are advised to use Paint Sealant and Protection products in order to shield the paint of the car. This works as an insulation barrier between the outside environment and the car’s sheet body metal and paint and thus ensures that every tough eroding element falling on the car’s surface doesn’t damage the shiny paint.

We recommend using the paint sealant every 6 months to ensure that the car’s paint is well-shielded. Consider the paint sealant as your car’s personal sunscreen lotion, and make sure your beloved doesn’t get sunburns!

Daily Maintenance practices

Once you have the paint sealant done, your car’s original paint is well protected. But the upper shield of protection tends to get dirty every now and then due to the environment’s degrading effects. This warrants the practice to periodically maintain the reflective shine that makes dark colored cars look so attractive.

We recommend to get yourself a car care kit that consists of a Universal Cleanser, a Clay Bar, and a Spray wax. Every product in the aforementioned list has its own duties and functions that cumulatively help in maintaining your cars’ dark color.

The Cleanser works as a shampoo and cleans off all the dirt from the car’s surface. But not every erodent is as easy to clean as dirt. Ever noticed those little yellow circles that appear on the car’s body after monsoon? Those circles are actually your car’s signs of letting you know that the surface has been contaminated. These yellow dots won’t appear too prominently on white and silver cars, but on dark colors they do peep out like sore thumbs.

Hence, rubbing a clay bar on the surface after a thorough shampoo treatment pulls out the contaminates from the car’s surface, thus giving it the unscathed look. And in the end, give your car a thick wax treatment to get back the glossy showroom finish that dark colored cars are known for.

Scratches – Here’s how to fix them!

Scratches on a dark colored car are the biggest eyesore. In addition to the cosmetic issues, scratches also expose the car’s body to weather effects which can intensify eroding elements like rust. As a result, there is only one option that remains with the owners, i.e. to repaint the area. And we all know how repainting a dark car is, don’t we? Matching the color tone of the newly painted surface to that of the old and faded body panels surrounding it is a task that even the best in the industry haven’t mastered yet.

There are multiple scratch removers or healers available in the market that can help you in removing the light scratch marks. With Scratch healers, taking care of your car’s bruises has now become a much easier task. Just rub the compound on the affected area, and BOOM! The scratch just vanishes away, leaving a big smile on your face.


Now that you know the secret to maintain a dark colored car, Go ahead and buy yourself that Black Beauty you always dreamed off.