How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in Colder Weather

Do you know that your car needs special care when the weather is cold? And, a lot of parts such as battery, engine oil need to be inspected to ensure the performance of the car is at its highest.

Here are few tips to help you keep a check on your car’s condition in the winter season and keep it running as powerfully as a new one.

1)Battery Maintenance: The average life of a car battery is 2 to 3 years however, colder temperatures can reduce the life of your car’s battery. In cold weather battery needs more power to generate the spark that is responsible to start the engine, which is why the car doesn’t start easily on a cold winter morning!

Bottom line: Get your car battery checked to ensure it’s highest efficiency. Buy a new battery, if it’s older than 3 years before it dies on you.


  1. Clean the battery terminals to make sure that the corrosion doesn’t impact system connections.
  2. Check your battery warranty expiration date, as you may be eligible for a free replacement from the manufacturer.

2) Check your Tyre Pressure: Cold weather directly affects Tyre pressure. Tyre pressure drops 0.19psi (2%) for every 1-degree Celcius drop in temperature. Incorrect tyre pressure adversely affects many of a vehicle’s systems including suspension, steering and fuel consumption.

Over-inflated tyres are more prone to damage from impacts from pot holes, wear unevenly which reduces tyre life and offer less traction which reduces your personal safety.

Under-inflated tyres can affect the vehicle’s braking ability and lead to excess fuel consumption. Further, under inflated tyres reduce your vehicle control, increase braking distances and increase your risk of skidding.


  1. Lookout for Tyre pressure label on the inside panel of the driver’s door for the optimum tyre pressure under varied scenarios. This label tells you the proper Tyre inflation pressure number.
  2. Check the tyre pressure every time you get fuel filled. Get your tyres roated, balanced and aligned every 20,000 Kms and replace them around 60,000 Kms.

3) Ensure Heater and Defroster are in working condition: All modern cars come equipped with a front and rear defogger, this especially comes in use in winters when the moisture from inside the car or your own breathing condenses on the glass hindering a clear view.

Also ensure that your car’s heater is running well to keep you warm inside your car.


Make sure there are no leakages in radiator hoses and coolant container.

4) Inspect all Lights and Bulbs: See and be seen clearly. Faulty lamps can obstruct vision and be a serious safety hazard.

Ensure all the lamps including headlamps, brake lamps and hazard lights are in working condition. In foggy conditions use fog lamps if equipped. 



  1. Use toothpaste to clean foggy headlights. Apply a little toothpaste to the plastic lens cover and thoroughly rub it all over the lens, then rinse off completely with clean water and let it dry.
  2. Never drive on High Beam within city limits.

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