Car overheating? Find out the main reason behind this!

Over heating engine

The temperature of your car is touching the sky and you are wondering what the reason can be, should I visit the service center? Yes, it is a matter of serious concern, please do not take it lightly as this can damage your car’s engine.

Why I am linking this overheating temperature to the engine?

Engine is basically an internal combustion engine or simply, it is converting chemical energy into mechanical energy, still don’t get it? So, think like, it is using fuel to produce energy which moves the vehicle as everything needs energy to do any kind of work.

In this whole process a lot of heat gets generated inside the engine chamber due to combustion and friction of mechanical parts, this heat if gets over then your engine is overheating.

Now makes some sense? If yes, then you should think that technically engine always produces heat, so does it now produce more heat than before? No!

Engine always produces lot of heat and your car comes with a cooling system as a solution to save your engine from overheating.

Cooling System

Typically, cooling system consists of these many parts:

  • Water Pump – As the name suggest, it is used to pump coolant (it contains water).
  • Radiator – It is basically a heat exchanger, there are small pipes which are filled with hot water coming from the engine and when the air flows through these pipes, it transfers the heat from the water to the air, resulting drop in the temperature of the water, hence cooling the hot water and releasing hot air in the surroundings.
  • Thermostat – It is used to maintain the temperature inside the engine chamber, it also regulates the flow of coolant.
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor – It senses the temperature of the coolant.
  • Coolant – It is a mixer of an anti-freeze chemical and water. This mixer is used both as an anti-freezer and a coolant.

cooling systemNote: An engine can work properly and efficiently in a certain temperature range, if the temperature is too low then engine freezes and if temperature is too high then also engine stops working. Some parts of the world are so cold that engine freezes there, so, anti-freezer are used.

We will we focusing on overheating case in this article.

How Cooling system works?
I am putting the working of it in very simple terms, the actual working is much more complex.

  1. Coolant flows through the engine though hoses (pipes).
  2. Coolant becomes hot as engine’s heat gets transferred to the coolant.
  3. Radiator cools down the coolant.
  4. Cool coolant from step 3 again repeats the steps from 1.

Simple enough, this is the basic idea of how the cooling system works and all the above-mentioned parts of the cooling system play their roles in this working, which we skipped.

Now you should get some hint as if my car’s temperature is higher then usual then there must be something wrong with the cooling system itself and not with the engine, although the engine is involved in it, right?
Yes, indeed there must be something wrong with the cooling system, this can be in terms of any leakage or malfunctioning of any part.

For this I highly recommend you visit a service station as soon as possible.


Here we are and ready to take full responsibility to keep your car’s engine healthy, so that you can get out of any future troubles. We have a full dedicated team of professionals, who have experience in dealing with the most luxurious cars out there, know every chit-n-bit of the car and in this case car’s cooling system too.

No matter what kind of cooling system your car manufacturer has implemented, basic to advanced, we can take care of it with ease.

But what to do If in case your car’s engine overheats in the middle of the road? It’s time to Be a hero by following some mantras:

  • Don’t drive – Your car won’t explode but its better to pull over, because driving in these conditions can damage many parts and will put a weight on your pocket for future repairs.
  • Turn off the A/C – Start the heater instead, this will release hot air into the passenger chamber and can grill you, but some hotness can be very healthy for your car.
  • Open the hood – This will release some hot air from the engine to the surrounding, thus cooling your car a bit.

Warning – Do not open the radiator cap while the engine is running or hot, just do not think about it, you can get burns.

These things can get very serious, so it would be better if experts deal with this (that’s why we are here), while you enjoy your ride.

Happy Vrooming……