Genuine, Affordable and Efficient- says Automotive expert Somnath Chatterjee about his recent Automen Service Experience

Automen service

I review cars for a living- mostly luxury cars and also owning a car from a prominent German car brand, I was fed up with high service costs and quality of service. Needless to say, I was looking for an alternate solution from constantly blowing up large sums of money which car-makers charge by bloating the bill. That is a fact that most of the money is made by a car-maker through after sales expenses especially in the luxury car space where not just me, there are many disgruntled car owners.

Then I chanced upon Automen via their Instagram feed and it certainly interested me with their USP being that they reach our doorstep but obviously I was sceptical at first and enquired to which they promptly asked if I can attend a service so that I can see for myself before trusting them with my car. So I did.


I enquired about the company itself and it was also started because the founder himself was fed up with this growing malaise that is luxury car after sales. It is clear how shockingly customers are cheated with exorbitant bills and quality of service. As far as I can see there are two massive advantages with Automen which had drawn me to it and it was the price and convenience.

They have servicing vans stocked with all tools and they will come at your doorstep and more importantly they charge 30 to 50 percent cheaper for luxury cars compared to a standard manufacturer service outlet plus they do the entire service in 90 mins! Currently, they are in Delhi, NCR and Gurugram while more cities are expected to be covered.

90 min doorstep service

The USP of Automen Service

When I book an appointment, it takes 24 hours for them to come and they do a basic Automen service which includes the usual oil change, filters, coolant etc. But along with that they also do major repair work like suspension, brakes, rotors, exterior/interior detailing, tyres etc.

While all said and done I was concerned regarding the quality of work to which I was impressed. Parts are first matched with your chassis/VIN and have a manufacturer warranty plus Automen have their own 30 day/1000 km warranty. They do a small test drive to find out any problems and even have a large checklist.

automen service computer

More importantly, I was impressed by the professionalism. All the Automen service guys are trained and have experience plus little things like covering the floor so that your driveway floor is not dirty or even making sure your car is spotless when giving back impressed me. Also, I liked how they dry wash the cars and how well it was done in 90 mins flat!

automen service process

Yes in front of my eyes a whole service, including cleaning was done and I was also shown the spare parts which has added and what all was changed. The service finishes with a comprehensive steam cleaning of the car to give it a fresh and tidy look.

Thus no wonder they service cars like Bentley and Porsche which end up costing a fraction of what the manufacturer will charge. Automen Service is perfect when your warranty expires and both quality/convenience wise it is perfect plus you can see it yourself which means no wasting a day or even giving your car for a day. I am sold and I will continue to have my cars serviced by them. This was a void and it has been aptly filled by these guys.

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