9 amazing car features you didn’t know..!!

Ever thought what all your car is capable of? No right!! Science and technology have made such incredible advancements that we humans sometimes fail to believe. Humans can think beyond boundaries and technology is the bi-product of their out-of-the-box imaginations. A lot of people don’t know what their car is capable of and have been driving a pro machine in terms of technology. Just that your car cannot cook or play soccer with you, but it can definitely blow your mind with its amazing car features.

Here are 9 features that were present in your car and you didn’t know about:

  • Tire Wear Indicator- This is an indicator that visually indicates the degree of wear of the tires. Tyres have a skid depth of 0.8 mm for two-wheelers. and 1.6 mm for four wheelers which if neglected can cause the vehicles to skid. If any tire is worn out beyond these mentioned limits, they are dangerous to drive. Each tire consists of TWI bars in the main grooves and TWI indicators in the shoulder region at 6 places around the tire circumference. Types of marks are dependent on different companies.
  • Fuel Tank Filler Indicator- A fuel tank filler indicator is a marking in the dashboard of the vehicle which informs the driver about where the fuel tank filling lid is placed on their car. Sometimes when one pulls up in the fueling station the person can forget where the refueling lid is on the car.
  • Anti Glare Mode on the interior rearview mirror- As we all know, most of the mirrors have a thin layer of metal that does the reflecting along with a sheet of glass in front of the metal to structure and protect the shiny metal. The interior rearview mirror is made with a clever variation in most of the cars. They carry anti-glare mode due to which driving in nights becomes easy and safe. It protects the driver’s eye from glaring up due to reflection from the rear vehicles.
  • Rear Windshield Defogger- Rear Windshield Defogger is a device which helps the driver to remove condensed drops of water or ice from the rear windshield. Its main function is to clean the windshield of condensed water thus improving the visibility of the driver. Defoggers are most useful during the rainy season when the windshields get covered with ice or condensed water and cease visibility while driving. Thus, it reduces the chances of accidents and is helpful in road safety. It is one of the most amazing car features especially in winters
  • Clearing fogging on the front windshield- No matter what climate is outside your car, inside you still have to battle the foggy windows most of the times. This problem arises mostly in winters or during the rainy season. To clear out the fog you can turn on the heat on its maximum setting and then turn on the AC. then you can turn on the recirculation button. If possible you can put down the windows a bit in order to exchange the outside and inside air in order to make the temperature inside the car normal.
  • Understanding your Car User Manual- One thing that you can always keep in your car along with the first aid kit, is the user manual of your car. This book consists of all the instructions of how to operate the different buttons inside your car and will help you to understand your car better. The user manual also helps in quick troubleshooting when you are stuck with any feature of your car.
  • Multi-Function Display Features- This is a small screen on the dashboard of your car (usually an LCD display ) which is either surrounded by multiple keys or if touchscreen, displays multiple keys. This screen is informative as well as used to play media on it.
  • The computer in your car ECU- The Electronic Control Unit in cars is used to control the engine and functions of the other components. ECU is your vehicle’s engine computer which is used to operate the engine by making use of input sensors and output components. This controls all the functions as well as the running of your car.
  • Seat Belt Pretensioners- Seatbelt Pretensioners are a mechanism that can save your life while there is any threat of an accident. Whenever there is a threat of an accident, the seat belt sensors detect the signature and rapidly tighten the seat belt over the passenger. This way, the seat belt pulls the body of the driver as well as the passengers towards their seat. It is an amazing car feature when it comes to safety.