5 Ways to Protect Your Engine Proactively

A Car is every owner’s prized possession and most car owners tend to keep their cars for as long as they can. But, some of them are unable to do so due to one basic reason, which is poor vehicle maintenance. A car owner immediately observes a scratch on the exterior body or any cabin glitch but fails to notice engine wear and tear.

 Therefore, this article will help any car owner in taking care of their car engines in an effective manner.

  • Change Engine Oil Regularly: Just like you keep a check to refill the tank, you should also keep a close check on engine oil. Changing the engine oil at a regular time interval is one of the most crucial things you do for your engine.

Oil keeps the important parts of the engine lubricated which protects them from overheating. If you don’t change it at a regular interval then it may lead to permanent damage to your engine over time. For every car, the oil change period varies but the average oil change duration is around 10,000 kilometers.

  • Keep A Close Check At The Cooling System: A car’s cooling system consists of a radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. Apart from changing the oil regularly, you must also keep a proper check on the amount of coolant in the coolant box. Proper amount of coolant keeps the engine safe from overheating. To check the coolant level, lift the hood and see the coolant tank, the fluid should be up to the minimum mark in the tank.
  • The Engine Should Get Proper Air: Just like we need air to function, a car’s engine also require the proper amount of air to perform well. After oil, air is the next important element to keep your engine in a good state. The airflow to the engine should be without any restriction and debris. This is ensured by air filters which keep aside the bugs, and dirt from getting in the engine. With time, these air filters get clogged with dirt and need to be replaced. You can easily check the condition of the air filter and see whether it can be cleaned and re-used or needs to be replaced.
  • Refuel The Tank Before It Gets Too Low:Fuel has a certain amount of sediment that settlesat the bottom of the fuel tank. The fuel filter keeps these sediment away from reaching the engine. But, if you keep running your car at a low fuel level then you might get extra junk that gets accumulated there. Therefore, always ensure your tank has a good amount of fuel. This also helps with the mileage of your car.
  • Follow The Automotive Warning Lights:This might look like a very obvious check, but most of the car owner’s neglect the in-dash warning lights that can lead to serious problems. The check engine lights and other warning light might show up for a couple of reasons and most of the times it may not be a serious problem. But make sure that you check the cause and get it fixed to avoid any serious damage.

These are a few tips that everyone should follow in order to keep their car’s engine in a good state. These small steps can ensure a prolonged engine life and avoid unnecessary repair expenses.